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Winkler's wooden bell tower and funkcionalistic chapel

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Časová náročnost: 0:30 h  Délka: 2.00 km
Status: Připravena k hledání
Ukryto: 15.08.2007
Vytvořeno: 17.08.2007
Poslední úprava: 10.07.2011
waypoint: OZ00D7
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N 49° 33.(123 598 703 214 569 870 123 654 789)'
E 018° 23.(258 014 563 690 258)'

The code is very simple, you can solve it quickly with a calculator or mobile phone, but don't solve it on your PC, that would turn its purpose upside down.

Winkler's wooden bell tower was built in 1928 on a underpinning containing a stone room. The bell is a gift of coal miners from Ostrava-Michálkovice. Next to the bell tower stands a functionalistic chapel designed by Alfred Farník, opened in 1937 by the first bishop of the Czechoslovak hussite church, Ferdinand Stibor.

The chapel is unfortunately inaccessible during the year with the exception of the Jan Hus pilgrimage. The money for the chapel was gained through collections, the original idea was to build a sanatorium for children, too, which was not accomplished.

The wooden bell tower is located on coordinates from cache description, but the cache is located in the neighborhood. The cache coordinates are encrypted by the code mentioned above (3 decimal numbers). Be warned, the terrain and iron rich rocks cause significant position errors (up to 20m with one verification measurement), so don't hesitate to use the hint.


25.8.2007 Due to a small number of solutions so far, I will give you a hint, concerning the right solution. The spaces are used only to separate triplets of numbers in code for better readability, the actual separator between the digits is different. Each set of parentheses contains 3 digits, each digit can be encoded by 3 and more numbers.

27.8.2007 Since I was told that the code does not offer a unique solution, I will offer a simple check: when you sum all 6 decoded digits, the total will be 13.

1.9.2007 No calculations are necessary, visual help: 3x3+0.

6.7.2011Cache restored on new coordinates not far from a view of the bell tower. The place is more hidden, but please mask the cache well.

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Ynetr gerr fghzc ~3z sebz n genvy abg sne sebz n ivrj bs gur oryy gbjre.


Winklerova dřevěná zvonice
Winklerova dřevěná zvonice

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03.09.2012 Drangnel Nalezl cache
Found during the free time during the optical conference. Greetings from Poland. ;)
18.04.2008 Laboda Nalezl cache
Zajimave a pekne misto. Nalezeno i vylusteno bez problemu. Logovali jsme v 18:45. Bez vymeny
01.09.2007 pmoravec napsal komentář
Popis cache byl upraven pro ty, kteří neměli představu kde začít s dekódováním.

I have updated the description for those, who had no idea where to start with the decoding.
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