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Tradiční cache Obtížnost: 1.5 z 5.0 Terén: 3.0 z 5.0 Góra Zamkowa založil lavinka

Velikost: Malá
Status: Připravena k hledání
Ukryto: 14.11.2011
Vytvořeno: 14.07.2012
Poslední úprava: 16.07.2012
waypoint: OZ0219
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Castle, the ruins of which are available today to explore, built in the thirteenth century, the Three Crowns massif, in the Northeastern part. Recently renovated. I see the eyes of imagination extends along the edge of the wall and tower adjacent to it. Castle is not available from the north, so attack him blue trail from the west. The stone stairs leading to the ruins was built in the twentieth century from the remnants of the castle. Originally, the castle could be reached via a wooden ramp or lift the reel. The entrance was located only one man. In the days of his splendor was the highest object in the Polish Carpathians. A rare example of a refugialnym buildings, which serves as a shelter.

Interesting place the cache needed. A small tube with a makeshift logbook, without the pencil (bring back something to write), but with a few things hidden in the ruins of the castle, next to (a few meters) the small steps. Please be careful, because the place is very busy. I recommend the method of burial in a backpack.



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Gur gerr ba gur fuber, n urnc bs fgbarf, sebz gur erne.



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