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OC meets OC

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It´s time to meet each other... virtually!

Please don´t visit the given coordinates (or You get wet Cool),

but grab Your headphone or smartphone and join the party. 

  The details are:

  Date: Saturday November 4th

  Time: 8:30 pm (Prague time zone)

  Duration: 40min

  Tools required: headset or smartphone

  Link: https://zoom.us/j/748435578 




Happy opencaching, mic@

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cyrnfr fcrnx ratyvfu bayl - gunax lbh!



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10.11.2017 mic@ napsal komentář
This listing will go asleep for a while until next round. Be patient, Mic@
04.11.2017 mic@ Nalezl cache
Thank You everybody for joining this first international video meeting !!!
It´s main purpose was to check out the possibilities of zoom.us and the performance with many users logged into it.

@local team: If You like this meeting, then try to establish it on your site on a regular basis, e.g. every first saturday of a month.
Then You can discuss about new features on the platfrom, new apps, nice gimmicks, upcoming events, problems and hints and so on.
And if You record the session, then it´s easy to publish the conversation as a podcast (audio) or on a special youtube channel (video). 
Last but not least we should repeat it again, maybe on a yearly basis so that each (pl + .uk + .us +.cz +.de) team can show what
is has been added on their local site and other global topics like OKAPI.

Best wishes from Berlin, Mic@ 
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