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Tradiční cache Obtížnost: 3.0 z 5.0 Terén: 3.0 z 5.0 Trnita skrys / Prickly cache založil Pitr
Cache is a yellow plastic box with red lid

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Ukryto: 12.10.2004
Vytvořeno: 02.02.2006
Poslední úprava: 02.02.2006
waypoint: OZ0025
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Modrany's dingle

It is being formed by the valley of Libussky and Pisnicky stream and it already has been a popular spot for Praguers in the 19th century. At those times it was called Doly (Mines) due to the several gravel and building stone quarries. Now you can find a nature hiking trail there at the area of 124 hectares and altitude of 220 to 300 msl. Being a geologist in a notch of the ravine at a quarternary bench of Vltava you can find a proterozoician and ordovician slate and absolutely rare pudding stones in a subsoil. In local ecosystem we can find about 40 different wood species. Acacias, black pine and red oak predominates to hillsides, along with the stream it's the alder, willow, ash, poplar, maple and birch. The area is inhabitated mainly by a small fauna. Snail's delegates Perforatella bidentata and strongly endangered Vallonia enniensis habitates there. Hygrophilous beetle species (ground beetle Nebria brevicollis and Bembidon tibiale, snout beetle Otiorhynchus scaber, Branchysomus echinatus, wetland species Notaris maerkeli and Gymnaetron villosulum) reside in stream's alluvial plain field. Spotted woodpecker, warbler and finch nests there too. Roe deers, wild swines, hares, pheasants and there are also martens, polecats and foxes of the game species.

Cache is a yellow plastic box with red lid placed about the middle of the right hillside above a retention tank in a slate ridge. And beware of prickles ;o)

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30.10.2018 Juraj321 Nalezl cache
11:27 310 TFTC - Trnita skrys / Prickly cache

29.05.2016 Petris 3 Nalezl cache
Odloveno již v březnu při Geocachingu. Dnes loguji v Opencachingu.  Díky za kešuli!!!
13.09.2014 obludak Nalezl cache
Nalezeno při GC. Díky za přidání sem.
29.03.2014 surikati team Nalezl cache
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