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Flåvatn Lake

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Flåvatn Lake - beatiful norwegian landscape, and perfect place to wath ships sailing through the lakes - on the way from Dalen to Skien they have 105km to travel. Telemark Canal locks allow to cross 72 metres of difference in altitude between beginning and and of this water trail. Here's the map of this trail:

Three months a year, few passenger ships (3 in 2013) are sailing here. When we were cycling along the canal and lakes, we have seen two of them. M/S Victoria during crossing the locks at Hogga Lock Chamber, and M/S Henrik Ibsen here on the Flåvatn Lake. Victoria was built in 19th century, and sails here since 1882 (she is called the Queen of the Canal now), Henrik Ibsen is younger - he was built in 1907, and he sails since 1992 here. More about ships: link.

Geocache is hidden below parking place, terrain is not very difficult, but please be careful please - it might be slippery (especially after rain).

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Haqre ovt ebpx, oruvaq fznyyre fgbarf.

Vg'f abg irel urycshy uvag va gur ebpxl nern, fb V nggnpu gur fcbvyre gbb.


Victoria (at Hogga Sluse)
Victoria (at Hogga Sluse)
Henrik Ibsen (at Flåvatn Lake)
Henrik Ibsen (at Flåvatn Lake)
Flåvatn Lake
Flåvatn Lake

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nedaleko od OZ014B :-)
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